St. Michael's Church has been serving Catholics in the Albion, Nebraska area since 1876! Our parish vision is that we, as God's people, are centered on Word and Sacrament, blessed by baptismal grace and Christ's love, called to serve as disciples. Our parish mission is that we exist to build a faith community, empowered by the Holy Spirit to live our Catholic identity and gospel values, to engage others to be intentional disciples who share their gifts for the glory of God.

Notes From Fr. Mark

With the recent increase of Covid-19 cases in our county and in Nebraska, we are recommending that people wear masks to Mass. Please only sit in the pews marked with white ribbons and be aware of social distancing.

Here are some important guidelines for attending Mass:  1) The dispensation from Sunday and Holy Day obligation still remains in force, so if you don’t feel safe to attend, you have an option!  2) People who should NOT attend Masses: Elderly; people with an underlying medical conditions; family members who live with an elderly person or those who are at risk; people who have access to those at risk in nursing home institutions; people who have upper respiratory or flu like symptoms; people with COVID-19 or live with someone with COVID-19; and people knowingly exposed to someone with COVID-19.  3) All families/people who attend Mass need to maintain social distancing before, during and after Masses.  4) As people come to Mass, please abide by the six feet of distance guideline. A “party” should be understood as members of a house- hold who live together and can be seated together in church. Children should stay with their families during and after Mass.  5) If you attend holyday or weekend Masses, you might not always be seated in the same spot as we situate everyone and offer directions for distribution of Holy Eucharist.

A few other items to take note of:  The collection will not be picked up at Mass, so please drop your donations in the baskets provided as you enter or exit Mass or mail or drop your donations off at your parish. Ushers will direct people where to sit when you come to Mass and will assist with the flow as we go to Communion. All people will come up the center aisle and return to their seats by the side aisles. We will begin with the side aisles, with those folks going to the back of church and coming up the center. Then the process will continue with the main part of the church, starting in the back first. People in the choir loft will go last and will be directed by an usher. If you don't feel safe, you do not have to receive the Holy Eucharist. Remember to take your missalettes home with you and bring them back when you come to worship. They will not be available in the pews and once you touch it, the missal is yours! I will sprinkle everyone with holy water during the closing song and the congregation will be dismissed by the ushers to avoid a bottle neck at the door.

Thanks for your efforts, bearing with us as we experiment with ways to get everyone into church while following the guidelines, and for your interest in celebrating our faith!

Please continue to check the most current bulletin for Mass times!



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